The Advanced Materials Competence Center is the cross-group development partner that supports our customers with the highest level of technical expertise along the entire value chain - from spinning to creating textiles and finishing.

Advanced Materials Competence Center

The AMCC development center is the innovation catalyst of the Peppermint Group. Specialized employees from different areas of the group of companies develop individual as well as highly innovative solutions and realize product ideas with which our customers are always one step ahead.

Due to the proximity to our production sites, we develop prototypes and samples in direct exchange. The scaling to industrial machinery is taken into account from the first development step on.
The aim is to work more intensively and in a more complex way with our customers on solutions for specific product requirements.

With our production sites in Germany and the European Union, we can act centrally and act quickly. This enables us to significantly accelerate the time span from the initial idea to the start of production.

Our working method

The Innovation Cycle

Based on your idea, we define the goal together. In the agile development sprint, we work on your solution on our sample machines. Subsequently, the product is prepared for series production through upscaling and sourcing - along your value chain or with external partners. In addition, we offer you services around a product launch.

Products and concepts

AMCC sees itself as a catalyst for innovation in the textile industry. Based on this self-image, we regularly and proactively develop textile innovations and repeatedly set new standards in textile applications.

Below you can see some examples of product ideas that were entirely conceived, developed and produced within the Peppermint Group.

Walk on Wool

This sneaker prototype is a new way of thinking about how shoes can be designed and made up in the future. The goal was to develop a sneaker that combines fashionable aesthetics with durability and robustness and that offers a high degree of individualization in yarn construction and design.


Thanks to the combination of wool and polyester in the patented TRIWITEX® spinning process, the result is a shoe with a classic look and high durability. The material has a thermoregulating effect, has anti-odour properties and can be variably designed and functionalized.


How about if we develop your very personal prototype together?


Everyone is talking about sustainability and CO2 reduction, Peppermint creates solutions - the EcoJacket is a good example of a range of product concepts that can be realized with TRIWITEX® yarn. The material used, made of GOTS wool and New Economy biopolymers, is 100% biodegradable and integrates into the natural carbon cycle.


With the help of TRIWITEX® technology, an increased durability and strength in the wool-biopolymer composite is achieved, which would be impossible with classic spinning processes.


Develop your next innovative product together with us!


Thanks to our patented TRIWITEX® spinning process, it is now possible for the first time to incorporate staple fiber yarns with functional raw material blends into a spacer fabric without compromising quality - applicable in all textile surfaces. Thanks to the unique yarn construction, there are no longer any limits to creativity.


The prototypes have a wool content of more than 80% in the surface - nevertheless the textile-physical properties leave nothing to be desired. In addition, previous durability limits can be exceeded and new applications, such as the PSA sector, can be developed.


We would be happy to advise you on the technical possibilities!

The technology behind the innovations

TRIWITEX® is a specially developed, state-of-the-art spinning process based on core yarn technology. With this method, we use the advantages of wool and other natural and synthetic fibers to create hard-wearing, durable functional yarns for various applications.

Our team for your success

Behind AMCC is a team with years of experience in the development of individual customer solutions.

Steffen Lüdemann
Steffen Lüdemann

Steffen Lüdemann

Managing Director AMCC

Thomas Seifert
Thomas Seifert

Thomas Seifert

Innovation Product Catalyst Fabrics

Oliver Dorn
Oliver Dorn

Oliver Dorn

Innovation Product Catalyst

Think ahead with us.

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