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Entry bands made of PET bottles, a red carpet made of old fishing nets and plastic waste recovered from the sea, a ball gown made of roses - this year's "Bundespresseball" was all about change. With sustainable concepts, new materials and a clever recycling economy, the textile industry can also make an important contribution to sustainability. Ingeborg Neumann was happy to give the guests an insight into our highly innovative textile world.

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15 jacquard machines running around the clock - they are the realm of Sarah Winkelmann. In a series, the "Free Press" introduces young people in traditional professions.
The young woman is a machine and plant operator textile technology in the Ertex weaving plant in Rodewisch. When asked, "What's the beauty of this job?" she says, "Actually, everything."

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The Ertex is one of the 34 best companies in Germany, in which health is capitalized, the so-called excellence class. Since the beginning of 2018, IKK has been supporting Peppermint Holding GmbH in the health sector.

(Article in German language)

Every morning, first of all, we think about what we wear today, but textile is much more: in living, in cars and airplanes as textile lightweight construction, in medicine and in environmental technology, everywhere you will find textiles ..." - Ingeborg Neumann in the magazine to the upcoming Federal Press Ball on 29th of November in Berlin.

Ingeborg Neumann, President of the textil+mode Association, in the NOZ interview on sustainability in the textile industry, innovation and the location Germany.


The basic principle of intelligent living environments is to install technical systems anywhere in the house where they are needed. However, the necessary power and communication connections are not always available. In the new project ConText, a consortium under the coordination of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is developing a user-friendly and intuitive technology for smart textile surfaces, which makes walls and floors in living areas usable for cable-based power supply and communication.



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