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Cellink AB has reached an agreement with the owners of Scienion AG, an internationally leading German life science company in the field of ultra-precise dosing of liquids, to acquire all shares.

Peppermint VenturePartners has been a lead investor in Scienion since it was founded.

“Cellink is our first choice due to its leading role in bioprinting and liquid handling. We are convinced that by merging the two companies, revolutionary new processes and products can be optimally further developed, "comments Ingeborg Neumann, Managing Director at Peppermint VenturePartners, on the merger.

Scienion was founded in 2001 from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin and has been since the leading international supplier of industrial pico and nanoliter precision dosing of biological reagents, biomolecules and cells. The company develops and markets production systems that enable precise dosing for applications such as biosensors for diabetes monitoring, micro- and nano-arrays, diagnostics, and single-cell genomics in research and industry with high throughput.

CELLINK is a global life-science company providing technologies, products, and services to create, understand, and master cell and molecular biology, with a focus on three main application areas: bioprinting, analysis, and liquid handling & bioprocessing. The company develops and markets innovative cell culture technologies, enabling researchers in the life sciences to print human organs and tissues for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Founded in 2016, CELLINK’s products have been adopted by researchers and scientists in more than 1,000 laboratories with more than 100 publication citations, the majority of the largest pharmaceutical companies and has been delivered to more than 55 countries around the world. To create the future of medicine is the company’s vision.

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