Areas of business

The world around us is changing rapidly. And we are keeping up.

As an industrial group, Peppermint is involved in the business areas of sustainable and innovative textiles, smart laboratories and wireless technologies & sensorics. We also invest in forward-looking technology companies and manage a venture fund in the field of digital health.


We develop innovative textiles for the corporate, protection, mobility, industrial, interior and fashion industries. We also create personalised special solutions for highly specific and complex requirements.


Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH (ZKS) develops and produces high-quality and innovative special yarn solutions for the global market.


Ertex designs and produces fine filament jacquard fabric in a wide range of structures.

Wireless Technologies & Sensorics

Wireless data transmission is at the dawn of a new era in the Internet of Things (IOT). It is fundamentally changing the way we make decisions, manufacture products and maintain our factories.

R3, based in Berlin, offers simple solutions for intelligent radio controls of the future. The developed technology enables highly reliable real-time communication. In doing so, R3's product range combines the reliability of a cable connection with the flexibility of wireless communication; like a cable without a cable. Application areas are in the field of automation as well as in the transport and logistics sector.

Smart Lab 4.0

We believe in the digital transformation of the lab. Labor 4.0 is characterised by innovative automation concepts and digitalisation.

Peppermint has invested in SmartLab Solutions, based in Dresden. SmartLab Solutions develops and implements end-to-end solutions for lab digitalisation for both academic and industrial research. As well as providing consulting services, SmartLab Solutions develops its own software and hardware products that enable customers to optimise their lab processes and accelerate their research. The company has already gained several prominent companies as customers - Beiersdorf AG, Berliner Wasserbetriebe and the universities of Essen and Duisburg.


Change is the requirement for every improvement.

Be bold, try out new things and invest in the future! We have been interested in innovations outside the world of textiles since 2000. We have invested in various start-ups and have been managing two venture funds since 2000, one of which has already been successfully completed.

BICO Group

BICO is the world's leading bioconvergence company, providing high-quality bioinks, bioprinters and services that enable critical breakthroughs in 3D cell cultivation, tissue engineering and drug development.


CellAct Pharma develops innovative chemotherapies for the treatment of cancer.

The leading clinical candidate from CellAct, CAP7.1, is a new modification of the established chemotherapy medication Etoposide developed at the Charité hospital in Berlin.

The programme is currently preparing for an international phase III study in readiness for market approval in the Europe and the USA.

CBF-Venture Fund

We participate in a venture capital fund, which invests in recently established companies in the field of healthcare. We manage this fund together with our strong partners through Peppermint VenturePartners GmbH. Our CBF-1 venture portfolio currently includes eight companies from the areas of medical technology, diagnostics and digital health as well as platform-based healthcare technologies. All these companies have won us over with their innovative ideas.


authentic delivers blockchain-based realtime certification.

Using blockchain technology, products, medications and documents can be check to ensure they are authentic and genuine using a combination of patented printing and scanning technologies.

ETHCL Food Labs GmbH

Healthy eating is close to our heart. Particularly in hectic times, it’s important to be able to grab a healthy snack. Through a merger, Peppermint holds an investment in ETHCL Food Labs GmbH, which brings together brands OH MY DOUGH and TZAMPAS. The Berlin-based start-up offers ready-to-eat OH MY DOUGH cookie dough in organic quality as well as TZAMPAS products, particularly energy bars based on the roasted barley flour of the same name. Ensuring the use of natural ingredients is the top priority.