Ertex Jacquard is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of extremely fine and complex jacquard fabrics for traditional clothing and home textiles. We develop and produce fabrics with an unlimited variety of designs and fabric constructions.



ERTEX Profile

Ertex Jacquard, a Peppermint company, develops and manufactures complex, fine woven jacquard fabrics in a wide range of constructions and designs. Our core expertise lies in the areas of damasks for traditional African clothing and home textiles for bed and table linen, and in the development and manufacture of innovative niche ranges.




As a jacquard fabric specialist, we are above all experts in the areas of fabric construction, material use and pattern diversity. We manufacture high quality traditional clothing and home textiles using selected yarns and fibres.


Ertex Jacquard
A Peppermint Holding GmbH company
Kohlenstraße 1 | 08228 Rodewisch | Germany

Phone: +49 3744 363 0
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