The Peppermint Group develops industry products for a sustainable and smart future.

Areas of business

The world around us is changing rapidly. And we are keeping up.


We develop sustainable and innovative textiles for the corporate, protection, mobility, industrial, interior and fashion industries. We also create individual special solutions for very specific and complex requirements.

Industrial "Internet of Things

Wireless data transmission is at the dawn of a new era in the Internet of Things (IOT). It is fundamentally changing the way we make decisions, manufacture products and maintain our factories.


Be brave, try new things and invest in the future! Since 2000, we have been committed to innovations outside our core areas. We are involved in various start-ups and have been managing two venture funds since 2000, one of which has already been successfully completed.


About us

Skilled crafts, passion, high-tech.

Peppermint Holding GmbH is an owner-operated group of companies that employs more than 650 people.


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