Go and vote! Peppermint supports #machdeinkreuz

Important elections are coming up in and for Saxony: The local and European elections on 9 June. As a company and employer rooted in the region, Peppermint is keen to support initiatives such as #machdeinkreuz.

Because it is important that as many people as possible vote!

The #machdeinkreuz initiative invites all citizens to take an active part in shaping their future and also brings art and culture into play. For Peppermint founder Ingeborg Neumann, this is a matter close to her heart: "At a time when political debates are being conducted with unnecessary rigour, I believe it is important to create as many opportunities as possible for an open and unprejudiced discussion about our democracy. We all have a choice. I would like to call on us to send a strong signal for democracy in Saxony with a high voter turnout!"

Voter turnout in Saxony in the last European elections was just over 50 per cent in some cases. To change this, #machdeinkreuz is launching a creative campaign. Artists from Saxony have designed posters that can be downloaded free of charge from These posters should be visible everywhere to encourage people to engage in dialogue about the importance of the elections and motivate them to vote.

In addition, the initiative organises democracy festivals throughout Saxony before the election dates. A varied programme of workshops, concerts, theatre performances and cinema evenings is on offer. Associations, companies and other organisations are invited to participate in the organisation of this special offer. In the process, #machdeinkreuz has also come up with a special art project in which citizens are invited to submit  proposals for the artistic design of ballot boxes.

Peppermint supports the #machdeinkreuz initiative and invites all employees, partners and the general public to take part in the campaign. Ingeborg Neumann: "Only with a strong democracy will Saxony remain economically strong in the future!"

Further information and posters of the artists can be found at: