Peppermint invests in lab of the future - honeycomb as a model for Lab 4.0

Peppermint invests in lab of the future - honeycomb as a model for Lab 4.0

With its investment in SmartLab Solutions GmbH, based in Dresden, Peppermint is investing in the laboratory of the future.

Managing Director, Ingeborg Neumann: "We want to actively shape the digital transformation as a company. That is why, with our investment in SmartLab Solutions, we have entered another future field out of full conviction. There is enormous potential in the digital transformation of laboratories: the digital lab 4.0. is the basis for greater efficiency for a wide range of applications and research fields."

SmartLab Solutions plans and builds complete solutions for laboratory digitization and offers its customers comprehensive consulting services. The aim of the software and hardware solutions is to optimize laboratory workflows and accelerate scientific findings.

"SmartLab Solutions is already networked with all relevant providers in this segment in Germany," says Ingeborg Neumann. The first renowned customers include corporations, universities and public institutions.

The model for the construction of the new future labs is the honeycomb. For the founder and CEO of SmartLab Solutions, Dr. Felix Lenk, the bee colony with its optimal division of labor is the perfect template for the laboratory architecture of the 21st century, which, together with digitization, will enable entirely new efficiencies in laboratory operations.

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