TRIWITEX®- A functional yarn for all occasions

TRIWITEX® - A functional yarn for all occasions

TRIWITEX® functional yarns are particularly durable and offer numerous advantages for a wide range of applications such as interior, fashion, mobility, protective equipment for police, fire brigade, military and workwear.

Our durable TRIWITEX® functional yarns are specially developed core yarns known for their high abrasion resistance, tear strength and abrasion resistance. With standard core yarns, conventional fibre yarns are spun around a robust filament. In the TRIWITEX® environmental spinning process, the filament that used to sit in the core is spun around the fibres and now sits on the outside. The fibres now lie on the inside as a new core and are thus optimally protected. TRIWITEX® functional yarns can be made from ecological materials such as wool in combination with high-quality materials such as polyamide, polyester or aramid. Yarns made of special fibres, e.g. biodegradable or flame retardant fibres, are also conceivable. Compared to yarns from classic spinning processes, every TRIWITEX® yarn offers increased strength, high abrasion resistance and hardly any to no pilling.

A great advantage of our durable TRIWITEX® functional yarns is their application, e.g. in interior areas such as furniture, decorative textiles or carpets. This is particularly interesting for textile surfaces in hotels, offices, cinemas, airports and other public buildings. Due to their high abrasion resistance, the properties such as colour fastness and pattern of these products are retained for longer, even with intensive use. Pilling is also minimised by the special nature of the yarns and ensures that the textiles last for a long time. In addition, targeted functionalisation in terms of anti-odour or antibacterial surfaces can be made possible with our yarn. Another plus point: as soon as wool is used in the yarn, this automatically improves the indoor air, as it physically neutralises pollutants in the ambient air.

TRIWITEX® functional yarns are also becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry. They help garments last longer - a clear positioning against fast fashion. Another factor with TRIWITEX® yarns in the fashion sector is the high abrasion resistance, which ensures that garments do not wear out so quickly, even with intensive use. Unwanted pilling, where small nodules form on the surface of garments, is thus greatly reduced by durable TRIWITEX® functional yarns. This is a great benefit especially for underwear. Garments retain their new appearance longer and need to be replaced less often.

In the mobility sector, durable TRIWITEX® functional yarns are also of great advantage. They are used, among other things, in fabrics for aircraft, bus, train and car seat covers or airbags. Here, they can withstand the high stresses that occur, for example, in accidents and ensure, among other things, the required durability, abrasion resistance, lightfastness, colour fastness and flame retardancy of fabrics. Due to their high tear and abrasion resistance, they contribute to an increased level of safety and can prevent or minimise injuries. Selected wools in combination with synthetic brand fibres also allow for the best seating comfort with moisture-regulating properties even in flat and velour fabrics. TRIWITEX® is also particularly suitable for the new use of knitted fabrics as seat covers.

In protective equipment (PPE) for the police, fire brigade, military, security services and in industrial safety, durable TRIWITEX® functional yarns are relevant according to specified safety standards. Due to their high tear and abrasion resistance, they can increase the safety of wearers and prevent injuries. Resistance to flames, heat, UV radiation, blunt force and chemical influences is also particularly important here, as these yarns are often used in extreme environments. Depending on the selection of suitable fibre components and yarn construction, such high requirements are guaranteed.

In the workwear sector, durable TRIWITEX® functional yarns are often used in workwear for the hotel industry, catering, police, fire brigade, flight and train attendants, agriculture and transport companies - ideal for anyone working in a high-stress environment. With their high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, our yarns are able to withstand daily wear and numerous industrial washes, extending the life of workwear. Again, it is important that pilling and discolouration can be minimised, keeping the garments looking good for longer.

Conclusion: Durable TRIWITEX® functional yarns are of great benefit in many application areas. Whether interior, fashion, mobility, personal protective equipment (PPE) or workwear, they help to increase functionality in all areas. In this way, companies can save time and money in the long term by extending the service life of their products.

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