Peppermint invests in wireless industrial communications

With its investment in R3 Solutions GmbH in Berlin, the Peppermint Group is laying the first building block for its new core segment Wireless Technologies & Sensorics.

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Germany's New Agenda

CEOs and scientists describe a roadmap for the transformation of the German economy. Included as author: Ingeborg Neumann, as entrepreneur, President of the German Textile and Fashion Industry Association and Vice President of the Federation of German Industries, BDI.

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Peppermint invests in lab of the future - honeycomb as a model for Lab 4.0

With its investment in SmartLab Solutions GmbH, based in Dresden, Peppermint is investing in the laboratory of the future.

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Peppermint invests in blockchain technology against product counterfeiting

Managing Director Baumbach: "We are convinced of the high potential of the unique digital solution and are again acting as lead investor in the current financing round."

Making sure products are counterfeit-proof with a green tick on them and an app. This is guaranteed by a completely new digital application developed by the start-up based on blockchain. The young company from Chemnitz in Saxony can now continue to grow after Peppermint Holding GmbH and Jentzsch Investment GmbH invested another 2.6 million euros.

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Ingeborg Neumann: Lockdown goes to the existence

In an interview with the Tagesspiegel, Ingeborg Neumann, president of the textil+mode association, warns that a factory shutdown would be an "economic shock from which we would not recover. The current lockdown goes "to the existence" of the companies. Neumann calls for the government to treat manufacturers and retailers equally when compensating for hard-to-sell seasonal goods.

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