2022 develops physical NFT gummy

Together with co-founder Christoph Jentzsch, who is considered a pioneer in the blockchain and DAO community, the startup has developed a new type of crypto-optical code. With its help, physical objects can be transferred into the digital world using NFT. The digitalisation of physical objects is to be revolutionised with the easy-to-use product - gummy - and thus set new standards in the web3 and in virtual trade.

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Interview on the situation in the textile industry with t+m President Ingeborg Neumann

The textile and apparel industry has had a turbulent year: Broken supply chains and skyrocketing procurement prices caused enormous problems for the companies. In addition, the climate-neutral restructuring of the economy is on the agenda. aktiv talked about this with Ingeborg Neumann, president of the textile+fashion association since 2013.

(Article in German language)

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