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Peppermint: New technology is an all-rounder

With Triwitex, the Peppermint Group has developed a yarn process that not only fashion and environmentally conscious consumers, but also the sharing economy have been waiting for.


What is special about Triwitex?


Steffen Lüdemann: Triwitex is a very powerful spinning technology. We can use it to make wool or other natural fibers much more resistant. For example, you have no pilling, so the fabric no longer fuzzes. In addition, this new spinning technology enables us to use novel raw materials such as biopolymers. We offer a process for many new, innovative applications and products.


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Peppermint VenturePartners: Cellink acquires the Peppermint portfolio company Scienion for 80 million euros

Cellink AB has reached an agreement with the owners of Scienion AG, an internationally leading German life science company in the field of ultra-precise dosing of liquids, to acquire all shares.

Peppermint VenturePartners has been a lead investor in Scienion since it was founded.

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German textile and fashion industry supports the Federal President's appeal for vocational training

textil+mode President Ingeborg Neumann: "You can rely on the medium-sized industry, we train even in economically difficult times!"

Berlin: 80 percent of companies in the German textile and fashion industry want to maintain their training capacities despite the dramatic economic consequences of the corona pandemic. "This is a strong signal and shows once again the reliability of the medium-sized industry, even if we are currently struggling with enormous economic problems," said Ingeborg Neumann during the exchange with Federal President Steinmeier at Bellevue Palace. (Photo: Copyright Kugler, article in German language)

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Durable and recyclable using innovative spinning technology

A favourite jacket that's virtually indestructible, but can ultimately go on the compost heap, in line with the principle: tough on the outside, soft on the inside. That's a fitting description of the Peppermint Group’s EcoJacket. In a future study, textile engineers from the Advanced Materials Competence Centre (AMCC) joined professional recyclers to demonstrate that their innovative TRIWITEX yarn construction represents a huge step towards a sustainable future for the textile industry. The concept aims to combine two previously incompatible worlds. (Article in German language)

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Interview with Ingeborg Neumann, President of the Association of the German Textile and Fashion Industry

Many companies in the German textile and fashion industry are experiencing dramatic drops in sales. The corona crisis is already killing a large part of the mostly medium-sized companies. Traditional brands and family businesses in the clothing industry are just as hard hit as manufacturers of technical textiles or automotive suppliers.

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It depends on Europe!

No green deal without textiles - Ingeborg Neumann in conversation at the start of this year's European series of textile network "Textile continent Europe - opportunities and risks".

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