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TRIWITEX®- A functional yarn for all occasions

TRIWITEX® functional yarns are particularly durable and offer numerous advantages for a wide range of applications such as interior, fashion, mobility, protective equipment for police, fire brigade, military and workwear.

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Peppermint is awarded gold medal by EcoVadis

EcoVadis, the world's largest provider of corporate sustainability ratings, has awarded Peppermint a Gold Medal for sustainable, ethical and responsible business practices. This puts Peppermint in the top five percent of all companies assessed.

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Bitter turn of the times? How deindustrialisation must be prevented in Germany

We have so many great medium-sized industrial companies in Germany that keep the shop running every day. Whether foundries, ceramics or plastics manufacturers, steel and metal processing companies, hot-dip galvanisers or manufacturers of special textiles. Without them, every construction site comes to a standstill, there are no new trains, no new electric cars, no wind turbines, no environmental filters, no medical textiles, no workwear; the list could be continued indefinitely. All these companies need energy to keep their machines running.

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Celebrate 25 years of Peppermint with us!

In 1997, the Peppermint Group was established with, among others, the acquisition of the ZKS spinning mill and the Jacquard weaving mill Ertex.

Read article develops physical NFT gummy

Together with co-founder Christoph Jentzsch, who is considered a pioneer in the blockchain and DAO community, the startup has developed a new type of crypto-optical code. With its help, physical objects can be transferred into the digital world using NFT. The digitalisation of physical objects is to be revolutionised with the easy-to-use product - gummy - and thus set new standards in the web3 and in virtual trade.

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