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Flame & Function product range

Flame Strong
Pure Pyro
Pyro Wool / Pyro Antistat
Save Comfort
Flame Classic
Wool Only
Performance Wool
Protec Wool
Sani Wool



ZKS Product Sheet


TRIWITEX® - A Peppermint Innovation

TRIWITEX®is a specially developed, state-of-the-art spinning process based on a core yarn. With this technology, we utilise all the advantages of wool and other natural and synthetic fibres to create durable, long-lasting functional yarns for various application areas.


Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH

CEOs: Beate Wilms, Hans-Joachim Gierse
Schneeberger Straße 135 | 08112 Wilkau-Haßlau | Germany

Phone: +49 37603 525 0
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