How we anchor sustainability in our corporate actions.

Corporate­ Management


Responsible and transparent corporate governance

What Peppermint stands for

Taking responsibility

We want to be successful in the long term. By taking responsibility for society and the environment - and always keeping our customers, suppliers and employees in mind. In our area of responsibility, we make independent decisions and propose solutions: We think along with you.

Showing integrity

We are honest, loyal and incorruptible in our dealings with each other and our partners. We are always eager to uphold Peppermint's reputation. We keep our word - and live by what we expect.

Living reliability

Peppermint delivers reliable products and services. We act dutifully towards our customers and employees. In all areas of the company, we ensure transparency, authenticity and structure in our actions. Of course, this only succeeds if everyone delivers what they promise.

Showing respect

Mutual respect, recognition and appreciation: This attitude characterizes our interactions. We value the competence and independence of our employees and are open to a change of perspective. How do we achieve this? At all levels, we place particular emphasis on listening, accepting other opinions and being willing to compromise.

Living readiness for change

We have an appetite for new things, see opportunities in change and approach unknown situations openly, creatively, resolutely and with a solution-oriented approach. We consider the willingness to learn and change on all levels as essential for the success of our company. Everyone can develop further at Peppermint.

"Responsibility, integrity, reliability, respect and willingness to change determine our entrepreneurial thinking and actions. This is how we create indispensable trust among our partners and employees."

Ingeborg Neumann &
Marcus Baumbach

Supplier­ Management


100% signing rate of the Peppermint CoC of relevant suppliers by 2024.

We are a globally active company - and naturally procure a large part of our production materials from a large number of suppliers. A cooperative partnership and a business relationship on an equal footing are important to us. Just like compliance with human rights and working conditions in accordance with international standards.
Our code of conduct, the Peppermint Code of Conduct (CoC), describes our basic principles on how we comply with social and environmental standards. We demand these principles from all relevant suppliers.
Our Declaration of Principles supplements and concretizes our Code of Conduct with regard to human rights and good working conditions.


Inquiry regarding compliance with ESG criteria of relevant suppliers in the direct supply chain by 2024

With a view to the upcoming legal requirements, we assess our direct supply chain in accordance with the OECD guidelines. This specifies eleven sector risks, which we have structured according to our ESG criteria:

Greenhouse gas emissions, water and hazardous chemicals

Child labor, sexual harassment and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the workplace, forced labor, working time, occupational health and safety, trade unions and collective bargaining, and wages

Bribery and corruption



No tolerance for compliance violations

In order to meet our responsibilities comprehensively, we have established a compliance management system. It continuously monitors and enforces compliance with laws, rules, norms and ethical standards.

We encourage our employees, business partners and all stakeholders to actively support us in their implementation - accompanied by regular compliance training and information. With a specially established anonymous digital reporting channel, we integrated European standards into our compliance management system at an early stage.


Peppermint promotes open dialogue. A whistleblower system is an important tool in companies and organizations that helps to stop violations, to correct grievances and to point out undesirable developments. It enables employees, suppliers, customers or other stakeholders to pass on information confidentially and, if desired, anonymously.

The following portal is available for submitting a report:

Whistleblower system - Integrityline

Note: The whistleblower system is not responsible for customer complaints. Please use the contact form for this purpose.

Risk Management


Living risk and opportunity management as an early warning system

Identifying risks and opportunities at an early stage and proactively adapting to them is what distinguishes us as a successful company. In addition, our customers, suppliers, banks and insurance companies also require us to deal systematically and in a structured way with opportunities and business risks.

Our risk management system enables us to identify, record and analyze risks and opportunities in a defined process. From this we derive suitable strategies and measures to minimize risks or exploit opportunities. A half-yearly report informs top management and forms a supplementary basis for planning and reporting processes.