How we work for the common good.



Anchoring of sustainability goals in executive compensation

We can only achieve the transformation to a sustainable company together. Our top management lives the concept of sustainability in the company. By anchoring sustainability targets in their variable compensation, our managers set themselves very individual goals. In this way, we communicate the idea of sustainability across all levels of work and strengthen sustainable behavior among our employees.


Balanced gender structure in the workforce and at management level

We want to achieve a balanced gender structure among our managers and throughout the workforce. Our management team, which consists of Ingeborg Neumann and Marcus Baumbach, is a good role model.

With flexible working time models and the option of home office, we try to attract female employees for management positions.

Employees in the company
650 +


Gender balance in the workforce
53 % female

47% male

55% f / 45% m (2020)

Gender distribution among management
33 % female

67% male

35% f / 65% m (2020)

Safety and health


Mission Zero, no lost-time accidents by 2030

When it comes to occupational safety and health protection, we focus on prevention and training. Our internal specialists for fire protection, occupational safety and health protection continuously plan, implement and monitor measures.

The health of our employees is important to us. That is why we offer them health promotion and prevention programs. These include, for example, health days or ergonomic workplace design. With all these measures, we aim to keep our workplace accidents as low as possible.

Mission Zero has been set - and yet accidents still happen. That's why we place particular emphasis on rapid first aid. We are proud that one in ten of our employees is trained as a first aider.

We use the Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) to compare accident occurrences at our sites. This enables us to map the accident frequency - taking into account the different shift systems.

Social engagement


Promoting a dialogue between art and business

Art and culture - that is creativity and inspiration.

Politics and business - that is the will to create and the spirit of innovation.

These areas of society and their values are important to us. We stand up for them and promote them. So that our society changes in a positive way.

For us, standing up for others and their ideas and visions is a matter of course. Because this social commitment is part of Peppermint's basic corporate convictions. We support cultural and art projects as well as local organizations that do a lot for the people in our country. For example, the Friends of the National Gallery Association, the Else-Heiliger Fund of the Konrad Adenauser Foundation, the InselKino or the Hospice Association. And we also play an active role in leading political associations, including the Federation of German Industries and the German Textile+Fashion Association.

We always keep an eye on the dialog between art, culture, politics, business and society in our activities. After all, it is the young artists who provide a fresh perspective on the world and who reflect socio-political processes in a sophisticated way in their work and provide new impetus.

Unusual and surprising thinking, finding creative alternatives: Peppermint also stands for this.